What’s in it for Me?

NiQ Health strives for contemporary operations and functional efficiency in the wide-ranging CarePlus™ technology suite. Challenges in the healthcare industry are constantly evolving; therefore, we ensure our technology addresses past, present and future concerns which could arise within acute or aged care facilities. Our solutions are customised to work the way you do.


NiQ Health offers wired and wireless IP Nurse Call systems to provide customers with the freedom of choice depending on their facility and needs. Different technology acknowledges the individual challenges different services experience, safeguarding the standards of each workplace and team. Easy upgrades to CarePlus™ technology establishes proactive care and management for all future updates.


CarePlus™ guarantees valuable and reliable communication. CarePlus™ Server is secure and fast, ensuring healthcare professionals can get the right information immediately and directly. CarePlus™ Mobile Connect also decreases alarm fatigue with integrated messaging providing greater information flow and streamlined patient analysis. CarePlus™ Reporting Module details the tracking and reporting of relevant information, filtered to the correct healthcare and caregiver in order of priority. These resources can also be accessed remotely for business intelligence and improved workflow productivity. Communication integrity provides dependable care management and improved staff, and patient satisfaction to maximise on your investment.


CarePlus™ is designed to improve the safety of healthcare professionals and patients or residents. Individual products, such as Mobile Staff Duress, prioritise and safeguard staff to boost confidence and workflow. NiQ Health recognises no single solution will be sufficient as a single strategy to protect staff, patients, or residents, as reiterated by the NSW Government of Health. This is why CarePlus™ has a technology suite that is interconnected to ensure all products operate cohesively, creating the best safety network possible for aged care or acute care facilities.


NiQ Health utilises cost-effective resources to reduce installation and commissioning rates. Integrating and automating day-to-day processes saves the customer time and money, and provides clinicians with the opportunity to spend more time caregiving rather than fulfilling extensive administration duties. RTLS solutions such as Asset Tracking and Mobile Staff Duress are added reassurance to welcome CarePlus™ as the most advantageous solution for your team.