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Sep 25

The unlimited benefits of RTLS only with CarePlus™

CarePlus™ is the market-leading care management destination for RTLS solutions in the healthcare industry, designing three targeted and integrated applications for different facilities, different people and different assets.

Each RTLS solution can be fully integrated into CarePlus Nurse Call systems or installed as a stand-alone device to existing Nurse Call applications.

CarePlus™ Mobile Staff Duress and CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call maximise safety, offering instant detect and direct responses when the portable tag is activated for assistance, offering precise room locations. CarePlus™ Asset Tracking meanwhile ensures the management of important and costly equipment, certifying significant return on investment.

Advanced, clinical-grade Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and dual active technology RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infra-Red) is harnessed to automatically identify and track the location of assets and/or people in real time. Precise room accuracy location services ensure indoor areas are effectively covered within any facility, of any size.

CarePlus™ Mobile Staff Duress and CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call also adhere to the recent Australian state governments recommendations to improve care standards in acute and aged care, valuing the need for greater staff and resident safety respectively. CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call has keenly observed the ongoing 2019 Royal Commission into aged care practices to note any relevant recommendations.

Asset Tracking Mobile Staff Duress Mobile Resident Call