System Modules

The diagram below shows the various modules that can be added to the CarePlus™ system:

  • CarePlus™ provides real time “ward status” reports and nurse call response time reports to networked PC’s and whiteboards.
  • CarePlus™ is a software feature rich system, providing over 28 interfaces into legacy systems including; Fire, security, BMS as well as a range of wireless communications systems including; Vocera, Dect Kirk and paging systems.
  • The CarePlus™ control module is designed to provide all these features backwardly compatible to your installed system. Allows you to extend the life of your existing legacy infrastructure.
  • Backward compatible to existing installed legacy Nurse Call systems. No need to shut down your ward to upgrade!
  • CarePlus™ is not only a Nurse Call system but is also a fully independent and networkable paging system.
  • CarePlus™ enables easy installation and remote maintenance as well as easy system software upgrades. These features and functions are extremely attractive to hospitals and aged care applications, augmented by our very attractive entry price baseline installation cost.