Reporting Features

Ward Status

Nurses, Nurse Managers and Administrators can view the status of the ward at a single glance. Identify your staff patient ratio mix and how many nurses are allocated on each shift. Change nurse allocation for the named nurse system of patient care and change the type of device they carry with one click. Ward status and nurse allocation enhance work flow efficiency.

Event Reporting

Get to know just how quickly your crash team responded to a code blue, in fact you can know staff response times to any event. Using CarePlus™ reporting and Business Intelligence solutions, you are able to view your report data exactly how you want it look. Report customization and specific hospital Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can be programmed into each report and published as a actual result, traffic light colour coded KPI or as a tend indicator.

In addition, CarePlus™ reporting and BI are Microsoft SQL based systems enabling key data to be pushed to corporate scoreboard reports or corporate dashboards. The system can push data from specific wards or facilities to rolling up multiple facilities into corporate performance reports.

CarePlus™ provides comprehensive reporting of all events – these event logs can so sorted and searched for specific events adding to the automated QA or compliance reporting for hospitals and aged care facilities. CarePlus™ can also integrated system generated alarms and events from third party systems such as medicine or blood refrigeration, firs systems security systems etc.


The sophisticated scheduling system available in select CarePlus™ products, allows alarms and events to be automatically routed to individuals or groups, based on a schedule, such as the time of the day and the day of the week.

Thus in a typical scenario, alarms that occurs “after hours” and needs to go to a “on call” staff member, can be routed to a wide area mobile device such as a cell phone or pager. However during the day the same event is routed to a staff members onsite wireless phone, email address or onsite pager.

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