Powerful Partnerships


microsoftMicrosoft is the original computer software intelligence platform hosting numerous supporting technology for any functioning processer. CarePlus™ Server utilises the Window Server to ensure business intelligence and superior integration. Windows Server efficiently adds better quality workflow capabilities through back-ups, archiving, disaster recovery, and more.


clinicall_logoClinicAll® is a state-of-art infotainment terminal offering the greatest patient care experience in collaboration with CarePlus™ technology. ClinicAll® has developed and installed patient infotainment systems around the globe since 2002. Patients can now receive communication and information channels directly to their bedside, with numerous automated tasks performed for greater productivity. Patient records are displayed to explain diagnostic results and procedures with the importance of a patient’s comfort and privacy in mind.


HSPLogoNiQ has a long-term partnership with HSP, who plan and design integrated telecommunication and security opportunities according to the specific needs of the client. As experienced consultants of their field, HSP work to safeguard robust and reliable communication solutions.


pmsilogoNiQ Health and PMSI have partnered up to improve the level of customer satisfaction that expands internationally. This partnership showcases our goal to equip the management team of an NiQ Health customer with the tools to optimise business control, and therefore enhance all patient experiences. Our partnership generates cost-effective reporting and analytical solutions to significantly improve ward management capabilities. PMSI’s software team creates powerful tools utilising Microsoft.NET to automate complex data integration, and tailor data reporting and visualisation according to any client request. These features facilitate greater patient satisfaction, as our specialised solutions provide a superior Nurse Call system.