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Sep 09

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tag: New RTLS Product

Due to the unprecedented events of the coronavirus, and its debilitating consequences on the healthcare system, NiQ Health has been hard at work developing our new RTLS product, the Contact Tracing Tag.

The contact tracing tag harnesses 100% room accurate location services to identify every room a staff member has visited in the last 30 days, with a comprehensive history provided through an archived database saved for detailed tracking.

By tracing all interactions between staff and patients in residential / aged care facilities, managers can immediately confirm and isolate any person at risk and immediately test for viruses such as COVID-19.

Similar to our other RTLS solutions, records are made as soon as a tag is detected in a patient or residents’ room. We recommend all staff members wear this tag at all times within the relevant facility.

This tag is ideal for COVID-19 tracing, as well as other contagious infections. It seamlessly integrates with existing Nurse Call systems, with no wires required to guarantee quick installation. Fast installation ensures fast operation.

Staff and families – as well as the wider community – gain peace of mind through transparent and accountable measures keeping everyone as safe as possible.

For further information on this new RTLS tag, please click here for the CarePlus™ Contact Tracing Tag brochure.