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Nov 15

NiQ Health Announces Exciting Release of CarePlus™ Hospital

CarePlus Hospital

NiQ Health today announced the release of CarePlus™ Hospital. This Nurse Call System was designed for acute care to ensure all hospital departments can provide healthcare professionals further opportunities to focus on caregiving rather than dealing with communication inefficiencies or technological issues. CarePlus™ Hospital offers the improved support high-impact environments need, especially in conjunction with previous CarePlus™ releases.

The core architecture of CarePlus™ Hospital is the CarePlus™ Server, an integration software that optimizes life safety messages and alarms to various clinical grade message handling and communication systems. CarePlus™ Hospital offers the technological suite which incorporates all successful CarePlus™ products, benefiting the workflow of Mobile Staff Duress, Asset Tracking and CarePlus™ Wireless. These products are consistent platforms targeted to reduce risk, accelerate emergency response times, advance safety and security, as well as offering cost-effective installation. A cohesive system utilizing Mobile Staff Duress, Asset Tracking, and CarePlus™ Wireless allows for clinical grade protection in all hospital departments.

CarePlus™ Hospital has robust reporting capabilities and multiple user interfaces to increase patient and staff satisfaction. Powerful visual analytics and adjustable processes collect and analyze real-time data to track trends and automate immediate alerts and messages to send to the right person at the right time in our superior design. The campus-wide nurse/staff allocation feature significantly improves workflow productivity for the hospital. This smart, integrated software is secure, fully traceable and runs encrypted messaging through IP network or cellular telephony. Enhanced management and coordination utilizing Mobile Staff Duress and Asset Tracking constructs a streamlined system requiring minimal maintenance and easy legacy equipment upgrades.

Our aim is to create efficient workflow with CarePlus™ Hospital acting as the foundation for CarePlus™ Wireless, Mobile Staff Duress and Asset Tracking. A specialized application will exceed the expectations in acute care to address the universal challenge to better healthcare solutions in a landscape that is constantly evolving. For further information on CarePlus™ Nurse Call System, please click here for individual product information.