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Oct 09

NiQ Health Announce Release of CarePlus™ Wireless Nurse Call

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NiQ Health announces an exciting move to further boost clinical workflow solutions with the release of a Wireless CarePlus™ Nurse Call System. A wireless Nurse Call Solution expands on an already successful and integrated system, CarePlus™ Senior. This development will meet the modern demands in aged care facilities, mental health facilities, drug and alcohol units, and dementia units, and other medical agencies.

Improved functionality is provided through Wireless Call Points utilising LPWAN (Low Power Wireless Area Network) and RTLS for a dependable infrastructure with guaranteed location accuracy. The CarePlus™ Wireless Nurse Call has increased battery life, communication integrity and future-proof compatibility for easy expansion. This meets essential healthcare automation and workflow application standards.

Dynamic IT requirements are utilised by placing wireless receivers strategically around a facility or hospital to create larger coverage for broader and more extensive communication. This provides an expandable and versatile system to deliver a fast and secure networking result in the face of today’s LPWAN devices.

The latest growth in the CarePlus™ Nurse Call products encourages greater performance capabilities to achieve a more reliable and scalable solution. A wireless system improves the communication of sending the right message to the right person, at the right time. Wireless Nurse Call Systems are a worthwhile investment for better intelligent integration.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Secure, fast and innovative.
  • Next generation LPWAN Call Solution.
  • IP-HUB Controller is network attachable for remote maintenance.
  • Future-proof infrastructure for easy expansion.
  • Decreases disruption and expenditure.
  • Increases operational efficiency through RTLS technology.
  • Freedom of choice and location.
  • Guaranteed location accuracy.
  • Fully certified.
  • Superior design with intelligent integration.
  • Worthwhile investment: reliable and scalable.
  • Communicates the right message to the right person, at the right time.
  • Cost efficient solution: Reduced cost of installation and commissioning.