NiQ Health Partner TV

NiQ Health announced today a new Marketing and Support capability for our worldwide Partners and Distributors. NiQ Health is pleased to present NiQ Health TV.

CEO Andrew Rothon said, “This new capability will help Partners with some of the technical inerrancies of the CarePlus™ System by demonstrating technical updates and procedures in a TV format. Equally innovative is the new TV channel which will demonstrate new features and functions directly to our partners and distributors assisting in the marketing of CarePlus™ capabilities.”

NiQ TV is available on the NiQ Health partner portal at:

Additionally, NiQ Health TV will assist Partners and Distributors who do not have a technical background and or whose first language is not English. The TV format will allow people to follow technical upgrade procedures or understand new capabilities without reference to technical staff and indeed without reference to technical manuals.

About NiQ Health: NiQ Health is a US-based corporation with offices in the USA, UK and Australia. CarePlus™ has been successfully installed in more than 200 healthcare implementations, and is actively recruiting distributors andreselling partners globally. VAR, SI and resellers desiring more information should browse to