NiQ Health’s CarePlus™ improving nurse efficiency and workflow

The CarePlus™ nurse call solution delivers patient calls and alarms directly to the assigned caregiver, offering workflow improvement for nursing staff.

NiQ Health’s CarePlus™ nurse call system significantly improves the efficiency and workflow of nursing staff through delivery of the right message to the right caregiver. Our animated video demonstrates how the CarePlus™ solution can make these workflow improvements.

The advanced functionality of the CarePlus™ system allows nursing managers to allocate an assigned caregiver to each patient. Patient messages and alarms are sent directly to the patient’s allocated nurse, a secondary and tertiary contact may also be assigned to ensure patient calls are always attended to. Ensuring that the correct caregiver is receiving messages allows for reduced alarm broadcasting. This reduction in alarm broadcasting is important for all hospitals aiming to reduce clinician alarm fatigue and clinical alarm hazards, an important National Patient Safety Goal introduced by the Joint Commission.

CarePlus™ allows messages to be received on a clinician’s chosen device; through CarePlus™ Mobile Connect caregivers can receive patient calls on their Smartphone and tablet. Through this platform, messages can be received on Apple®, Android®, Blackberry® and selected Cisco® devices. CarePlus™ Mobile Connect improves workflow, as caregivers are able to Accept or Reject patient calls and alarms depending on their activities. If a caregiver is unable to respond to a patient the alarm will be auto-escalated to another nurse or staff group. Clinicians also have the opportunity to use the Call-Back feature to speak directly with the patient; this direct communication allows nurses to understand what their patient needs and from this decide what action is required. This assists in improving nurse workflow, and improves patient satisfaction through quick response time.

NiQ Health CEO Andrew Rothon said – “Ensuring that the right message is received by the person with the right skills and improving nurse to patient communication offers improved patient satisfaction and productivity benefits. The ability of CarePlus™ to send messages to a clinician’s chosen device fits perfectly with the BYOD architecture many facilities are introducing.”