CarePlus™ high-level interface abilities with Inovonics

7th March 2014

NiQ Health’s commitment to achieving the highest international levels of patient safety certifications with their CarePlus™ nurse call system is reflected in their integration abilities with Inovonics.

NiQ Health the leader in “message-based nurse call systems” is pleased to announce their high-level interface integration abilities between CarePlus™ UL1069 certified nurse call system with UL 2560 certified Inovonics products (

Earlier this week, Inovonics announced that they had successfully achieved the industry’s first certification under ANSI/UL Standard 2560, Emergency Call Systems for Assisted and Independent Living Facilities. NiQ Health’s CarePlus™ nurse call system has an extensive history of achieving international certifications to ensure patient safety. The CarePlus™ high-level interface to Inovonics is further demonstration of their commitment of integration to best of breed products in the patient safety environment of Long Term Care and Acute Care.

CarePlus™ is the world’s most certified nurse call system in patient safety, with a commitment to achieving international standards and compliances. NiQ Health holds software certifications, along with specific nurse call hardware and electrical safety standard certifications. NiQ Health CEO Andrew Rothon said today, “Our CarePlus™ system is certified by the world’s most authoritative agencies including FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Medical Data Device Data System, and UL1069 which is now complemented by the Inovonics pendant UL2560 certification, enhancing patient safety and reducing risk for business owners.”

These extensive international accreditations and certifications show that CarePlus™ is capable of withstanding the scrutiny and invasiveness of compliance testing, and embrace the process to ensure that they continue to be the market leader in this field.