CarePlus™ awarded highest patient safety certification

NIQ Health LLC, the leader in “message-based nurse call systems”, today announced its revolutionary CarePlus™ Nurse Call System has completed laboratory testing in Germany, achieving the highly respected VDE DIN 0834 and therefore conforming with the DIN Standard for “General Signaling Systems and Signaling Equipment.”

“Achieving this DIN Standard will significantly boost confidence in CarePlus™ in European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets,” said Andrew Rothon, CEO. “Further, the DIN testing has provided CarePlus™ with certification for medical equipment grade EN 60601-1 for electrical safety. These new certifications, combined with US testing standards previously awarded to CarePlus™, including FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Medical Data Device Data System, and UL1069 make CarePlus™ the most certified and advanced system of its kind available today.”

The powerful, but easy-to-install, system improves patient care by enabling quicker and more effective response to a patient’s requests and, at the same time, improves efficiency and workflows – particularly for nurses – preventing, for example, wasted journeys to a patient’s bedside.

NiQ Health’s CarePlus™ can be considered “middleware in a box” integrating many hospital communications and data systems, from, paging, smart phone integration, VOIP telephony, ward signs, large screen information boards, email, PDAs, patient entertainment terminals, duress systems and RFID tracking Systems. CarePlus™ also integrates to legacy patient call buttons in rooms and at bedsides and it can integrate with various communication systems throughout the hospital, combining these disparate systems into a simple “Ward Status” interface available on any secure hospital PC web browser. CarePlus™ provides extensive reporting and Business Intelligence software capabilities providing significant workflow productivity efficiencies and improved patient safety.

18th April 2013