NiQ and Vissensa release e-health solution

1 February 2011

NiQ Health and Vissensa Ltd announce that they have completed development of their solution which integrates the innovative CarePlus™ nurse call Care Management Information System into the IT e-health enterprise solution VhX. This initiative enables nurse call systems (patient, staff and medical monitoring alarms) to be integrated into the corporate enterprise IT architecture.

Utilising Vissensa’s healthcare experience and discussions with a number of healthcare professionals and NHS trusts, Vissensa identified a need to provide more efficient and practical ways of collecting critical patient and clinical data within Secondary Care environments (Hospitals).

By integrating CarePlus™ into the hospital IT enterprise, Vissensa is able to provide the following solution to the UK NHS and UK long term care facilities:

• Industry-leading solutions which can be deployed as cloud technology.
• Patient-centric clinical information collection and distribution aligned directly to physical events such as emergency calls, remote alerts and care plan priorities.
• Pervasive healthcare solutions for communities, such as portals and EHR.
• Patient monitoring, staff rostering, asset monitoring and document management linked to existing systems and processes.
• Service and process design expertise to promote operational excellence and greater efficiency.
• Services to help align technology with clinical needs, so that current healthcare investments deliver greater value at the point of service delivery.

CarePlus™ integrates the patient and staff call buttons into the current communication systems within the hospital and includes: paging; VOIP and wireless telephony; electronic signs; information boards; websites and dashboards. CarePlus™ will combine these disparate systems into a simple “Ward Status” interface available on any hospital PC via a web interface.

Vissensa VhX aggregates clinical and non clinical information directly generated by CarePlus™ and other devices and provides an information exchange where live clinical data, aligned to an individual patient’s care can be transmitted to a clinician’s PDA, smart phone, Blackberry or email.

CarePlus™ combined with VhX provides extensive reporting and Business Intelligence software capabilities providing significant workflow productivity efficiencies and improved patient safety.