US Channel Program

26 October 2010

Next Intelligence Health Expands US Channel Program

Wilmington DE USA, 26th October 2010 – NiQ Health, the leader in message-based nurse call systems, has announced the expansion of its channel program for CarePlus™ and invites IT resellers, value added resellers (VAR) and system integrators (SI) to explore the growing health care marketplace in the US. The channel program provides members sales leads, education on technical and selling aspects of CarePlus™ , and very attractive price points and margins.

“When we launched CarePlus™ in Australia, we found that our distributors could close 30 out of 31 deals. That is because of the uNiQue approach we have taken to nurse call, and the cost-effective packaging it offers customers,” said Andrew Rothon, CEO of NiQ. “In the USA, we believe that VAR, SI, and IT resellers adding CarePlus™ nurse call systems to their product lines will enable them to enter the rapidly expanding health care market with a message-based workflow system that is easily understood and positioned against stagnant incumbents.”

NiQ’s CarePlus™ Nurse Call System was developed and launched in Australia in 2008, and now counts over 180 implementations. CarePlus, unlike competing offerings which either lack workflow features or have become overly complex and costly, employs a message-based approach, is software upgradeable, remotely serviceable and 100% solid-state, with no moving parts whatsoever.

CarePlus™ can be considered “middleware in a box” integrating paging, wireless and VOIP telephony, ward signs, large screen information boards, email devices, tablets, patient entertainment terminals, duress systems and Building Management Systems. CarePlus™ also integrates legacy patient call buttons in rooms and bedsides and with various communication systems throughout the hospital, combining these disparate systems into a “Ward Status” interface available on any secure hospital PC web browser. CarePlus™ provides extensive reporting and Business Intelligence software capabilities providing significant workflow productivity efficiencies and improved patient safety.