CarePlus™ completes UL1069 testing

23 November 2010

Significant boost for CarePlus™ market acceptance

NiQ Health today announced its revolutionary CarePlus™ Nurse Call System has completed the United States’ “UL1069 Standard” laboratory testing. It confirms that the system to conforms with the UL Standard for Safety Hospital and Nurse Call Equipment – Seventh Edition [Reprint with Revisions through and Including January 22, 2009]

“This is an important step: achieving this standard will significantly boost CarePlus™ market acceptance in the US, Mexican and Middle Eastern market place,” said Andrew Rothon, CEO. “It is a stringent testing regime that is widely regarded and gives confidence in systems that achieve the standard.”

NiQ’s CarePlus™ can be considered “middleware in a box” integrating paging, wireless and VOIP telephony, ward signs, large screen information boards, email, PDAs, patient entertainment terminals, duress systems and Building Management Systems (BMS).

CarePlus™ also integrates to legacy patient call buttons in rooms and at bedsides and it can integrate with various communication systems throughout the hospital, combining these disparate systems into a simple “Ward Status” interface available on any secure hospital PC web browser. CarePlus™ also provides extensive reporting and Business Intelligence software capabilities providing significant workflow productivity efficiencies and improved patient safety.