Mobile Resident Call (RTLS)

Mobile Resident Call With Lanyard RTLSCarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call is the most recent RTLS addition in the CarePlus™ Technology Suite. Designed to help healthcare professional’s productivity and time efficiency, Mobile Resident Call is an easy-to-use call device allowing residents to page Nursing staff for assistance. RTLS (Real-Time Location System) dual active technology RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infra-Red) is utilised to locate residents with quick staff response to safeguard residents and staff resources in all types of aged care facilities.

Mobile Resident Call addresses a lack of staff support when residents are away from their rooms and understaffing difficulties in aged care sectors. Improving resident’s freedom and independence, whilst acknowledging Nurse’s limited time and resources, ensures all parties are benefited. Residents are empowered by being left in outdoor or indoor locations without a staff member staying with them 24/7, providing Nurses with improved caregiving opportunities and workplace satisfaction.

CarePlus™ Mobile Staff Duress and Asset Tracking are other RTLS options available to offer location tracking services for staff safety or equipment logging in any acute or aged care facility. Reduced installation, commissioning and operational costs improves administrative budgets, satisfaction and generates greater return on investment.

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CarePlus™ RTLS Solutions is expanding with the exciting release of CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call
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CarePlus™ RTLS Brochure