What’s in it for Hospital Practitioners?

[tab title=”Improved Nursing Efficiencies”]
1. Higher levels of nurse satisfaction through reduced time wasted per nurse, per shift. (Waste is defined as; find, fetch, retrieve and phone tag).

  • a. Higher level of patient satisfaction through improved response times and improved communication.
    • i. Patients and relatives can be confident of timely response.
    • ii. To organise numbering for Staff safety initiatives and Hotel services.
  • b. Reduced labour costs for hospitals through improved efficiency, staff satisfaction and staff retention.
    • i. Reduce find, fetch, retrieve and phone tag (classified as waste by time in motion studies)
    • ii. Reduce agency staff cost through direct communications on and off campus
    • iii. Right call to right skill competency
    • iv. Physio call goes to right physio
  • c. Division of labour; Non-clinical calls sent directly to less skilled staff.
    • i. RN’s only receive clinical calls
    • ii. Nursing aids receive non clinical calls
    • iii. Staff allocation according to staff competencies
    • iv. SIP audio enabling real time full duplex nurse to patient conversation
  • d. Call prioritisation targeted to the correct skilled recipient. (workflow; Doctors, RN’s, nursing aids, back of house, hotel services).
    • i. Nurse rounding
    • ii. Pressure ulcer management
    • iii. Fall Prevention
    • iv. RFID patient tracking
    • v. RFID staff tracking
    • vi. Hand hygiene compliance monitoring
    • vii. Room ready
    • viii. Clean room
    • ix. Nurse presence
    • x. Available beds
  • e. Reduced labour costs through freeing up RN’s per ward (or reduction of demand for agency nurses).
  • f. Automated medical monitoring device call to correct clinician
    • i. Medical monitoring device integration enables automatic message generation (via sms text or email to visiting specialists of campus)
    • ii. Automated call prioritisation i.e; leads off to nursing aide, Vtach to RN and crash team)

[tab title=”Improved Patient Safety”]
1. Implement and Measure Key Performance Indicators for alarm response times;

  • a. Clinical response time
  • b. Benchmark by priority of call
    • i. Nurse Assistant nurse, porter, response time benchmarking
    • ii. Fall prevention
    • iii. Dementia management
    • iv. Pressure ulcer management
    • v. Back of house efficiency
    • vi. Bed turn around

2. Integrate patient monitoring devices

  • a. Automate alarm distribution to Nurse and doctors – on and off campus
    • i. Heart rate monitors
    • ii. Ventalators
    • iii. Pulse Oximeter
    • iv. EKG
    • v. Blood Pressure
    • vi. Temperature

3. Integrate remote services with the named nurse

  • a. Enable remote service like; pathology to contact the named nurse assigned to a patient without knowing the nurses name.
  • b. Pathology can message the assigned nurse for a patient regarding urgent results as assigned by nurse manager that shift
  • c. Nurse assignment enables anyone to fide the caregiver of a patient real time of by message.

[tab title=”Staff Safety”]

  • a. Duress capabilities within system also enables Staff safety initiatives;
    • i. RFID location services
    • b. A&E duress calls by stage of threat.
    • i. Feeling threatened
    • ii. Threatened
    • iii. Call security
    • iv. Cancel call

[tab title=”Improved Patient Satisfaction”]
1. Measure nurse response time and time spent at the bedside caring

  • a. Share results with patients and relatives – complaint handling
  • b. Share results with staff – training

2. Utilise nursing productivity to spend more time at the bedside

3. Hotel services

  • a. Patient entertainment
  • b. Call prioritisation and call customisation
  • i. Enable patient selection for;
    • 1. Clinical call
      • a. Pain
    • 2. Positioning call for nursing aid
    • 3. Toileting call for nursing aid
    • 4. Transfers to porter
    • 5. Bed cleaning to back of house

[tab title=”Workflow Productivity”]
1. Bed efficiency

  • a. Bed occupancy
  • b. Bed status
  • c. Bed availability
  • d. Bed turn over
  • e. Real time availability to A&E

2. CarePlus™ enables nurse manager to select customised workflow per care area

  • a. Oncology is not the same as maternity
  • b. Staff competencies per care area

3. Call handling from Pathology