CarePlus™ overview

The global challenge facing the healthcare industry

There is a fundamental challenge facing the healthcare industry right now – which is set to continue for the next two to three decades. That is: how to cope with ever-increasing patient numbers in the face of rising operational costs and tight budgets?

The demand for healthcare services is dramatically increasing – due mainly to a growth in the senior population and the number of chronically ill patients requiring continued care. Yet there could soon be a funding shortfall for those services!

The drive for increased efficiency

To overcome this problem, hospitals need to do more with less. They need to increase both efficiency and productivity.

However, there are further challenges. Many governments are changing the regulatory framework of the healthcare industry, leading to a growth in consumer-driven healthcare where patients are viewed as customers.

As a result, healthcare organisations need to improve their service to appease patient satisfaction. They need to improve efficiency of information flows, enabling access to the right information, at the right time, securely.

How CarePlus addresses these issues

CarePlus™ Nurse Call and Messaging System™ uses the latest IP (web) technology providing significant features and benefits over older generation systems by providing a simple web based user interface and intuitive reporting systems.

CarePlus™ is a modular, scalable, system, which is easily upgradeable via software licences keys enabling heterogeneous connectivity to legacy hospital infrastructure and a broad range of telephony devices.

nurse call system

Upgrades from older systems can be completed without disruption to wards or age care residence rooms providing an industry leading upgrade path.

Nurse Call Communications

CarePlus™ products integrate with all communication systems and provide immediate notification to nursing staff of nurse call events on any wireless device, such as smartphones, wireless telephones, pagers and large screen wall boards.

Patient Monitoring

A typical patient monitoring system monitors physiological conditions and is linked to a patient via a hard wire or via wireless telemetry depending on the patient’s mobility. CarePlus™ solutions offer immediate remote notification to nurses ensuring critical patient conditions are triaged real-time.

CarePlus patient monitoring system

VOIP/Wireless Telephony Integration

CarePlus™ provides certified HIPPA compliant solutions so that staff can send and receive information and event notification on almost any brand of onsite telephone system, such as DECT, Spectralink, Alcatel, Kirk, Cisco, Apple and Android smartphones. With most systems, staff can respond to text messages, acknowledge events or press one key to communicate with patient’s bedside speaker systems.