CarePlus™ FAQs

How long does it take for a nurse to learn how to use CarePlus™ ?
It takes less than 10 minutes for a nurse to learn how to use CarePlus™ .

How can I see if a patient has pressed their call button?
Messages and alerts can be seen on whatever device a nurse, clinician or member of housekeeping staff wishes to receive them on – please see our connectivity diagram.

Can only patients alert me or can I receive messages from devices as well?
Yes, it is possible to receive message from devices including Bed Sensors, Blood monitors, ECGs and many more, as well as from patients.

Can I escalate a call?
Yes, CarePlus™ can escalate calls to other members of staff.

Can I see exactly which patient has called me and where they are located?
Yes, it is possible to see the bed or call point number, location, as well as the name of the patient, if required.

Do I have to go to a nurses’ station to see the calls?
No, messages can be received on any device (please see above) and can be received on-the-go on decives such as iPads, pagers or mobile telephones.

What happens when I change shift?
CarePlus™ can automatically adjust when the named nurse changes shift to ensure that calls continue to be directed to the named nurse.

Can calls from my patients be directed solely to me?
Calls from patients can be directed to their named nurse.

What happens in a swing ward – will CarePlus™ be able to adjust itself?
Yes, swing wards are fully supported by CarePlus™ .

Can I cancel the call remotely?
Calls cannot be cancelled remotely due to healthcare facility regulations – calls may only be cancelled at the call point.

Are call and response times logged?
All call and response times can be logged and this information can be used to generate dashboard information.

Can CarePlus™ receive wireless information from other medical devices?
Yes, most modern devices have standard interfaces we can link into.

Does CarePlus™ link in with entertainment systems?
Yes, we have interfaces that are compatible with most screens.

Can I see all the beds and calls on one screen?
Our CarePlus™ whiteboard shows all beds and nurse call activity on one screen.

Is CarePlus™ certified?
CarePlus™ is CE, UL1069 and VDE DIN 0834 certified.

When was CarePlus™ developed?
CarePlus™ was developed in Australia and completed in 2008.

What does CarePlus™ offer?
Please see our brochures in the menu bar above.

Where are the NiQ Health offices based? N
iQ Health offices are based in the US, UK and Australia – please see for more information.

Can I call someone to discuss my project?
There are contact numbers for all regions on the CarePlus™ website – please see for more information.

Can I send a CarePlus™ message to a mobile phone?
CarePlus™ has this capability, with a number of options on message security.

Does CarePlus™ conform to AS 3811?
CarePlus™ is certified to UL1069 Hospital Nurse Call Equipment
CarePlus™ is FDA Listed (Medical Device Data System)
CarePlus™ is VDE DIN 0834 certified
CarePlus™ conforms to AS3811 (hard-wired nurse call)
FCC (USA) Part 15, Part 68
AS/NZS CISPR 22:2006 Class B (Australia and New Zealand)

What standards does CarePlus™ conform in different regions?
CarePlus™ is not a wireless nurse call system, it is hard wired, however information can be passed on to CarePlus™ remotely, and messages and alerts can be received on any mobile or wireless device.

Are new software options available?
New interfaces are constantly being developed and are activated by downloading licence keys over the internet onto your CarePlus™ system.

Can you help me design a system?
We can put you in contact with a CarePlus™ distributor who can demonstrate a system and help you custom design for your facility.

Is CarePlus™ IP-based?
CarePlus™ is IP-based and we recommend that the CCM is placed into a server rack with all other ICT equipment.

Is CarePlus™ waterproof?
Our Wet Area Call Point is rated IP65 and is fully protected, however all other handsets and call points are only either dripproof or splashproof.