CarePlus™ Notification Features

Notification Boards

CarePlus™ enables active messages and alarms to be displayed on large screen white boards. Active messages for allocated nurses showing the total time the call is active. In busy environments queued patient calls or alarms allocated to the responsible individual reduces alarm fatigue. No more broadcasting messages to all staff. Send the right message to the right person and track their response time.

Greatly enhance workflow productivity as the whole team have a view of how busy their colleagues are and the individual response time for each staff member and each patient.


Web Access

In response to feedback from IT Departments, CarePlus™ has a user friendly web based interface for users of our systems.

The use of a web based client minimizes the time IT staff spend maintaining the messaging system, and provides users with an easy to use system in very familiar applications such as Internet Explorer. Our products that employ Web Based user interfaces are also natively multi-user, providing for simultaneous concurrent connections via IP.


E-mail Integration

Using the email interface, staff and 3rd party systems are able to send an email to any wireless device on CarePlus.

In addition, CarePlus™ is able to notify staff via email of any event or alarm that has been processed by the messaging system. Thus our systems provide the ability to contact staff on multiple devices and via multiple methods of delivery, providing message delivery redundancy.


Cellular SMS Messaging

CarePlus™ systems are able to deliver messages to, and receive messages from, any cellular text messaging / SMS enabled device.

By integrating to cell phone carriers via industry standard protocols, Staff can be automatically notified on their preferred wireless device, of any event or alarm processed by the Commtech messaging system.


Display Board

Sometimes you just need broadcast a message for all to see. CarePlus™ systems integrate easily with wired and wireless display boards so that your message can be seen where and when it matters.

Additional options can easily be configured to change the colour, speed and size of your message as well as making.


PDA Integration

CarePlus™ solutions allow for event notification to be communicated to PDA’s as well as providing real time updates on all active alarms or events. You can monitor the efficiency of staff and zones, make quick adjustments where needed and produce statistical reports showing the efficiency of staff in your hospital.

Nurse Managers can view Ward Status – in real time – anywhere on or off campus!


Text Messaging via Telephone

CarePlus™ into your existing VOIP or PABX telephony – no need for dedicated intercom systems to talk before you walk. Send xml messages to handset notifying your staff of calls pending.