CarePlus™ Communication Features

Agnostic connection to Wireless Devices

CarePlus™ connects patients to staff by linking wireless technologies – wireless telephones, radio pagers, automated staff assignments, integrated staff assignments and corporate reporting – with traditional “nurse call” equipment. Providing clinicians with instant bedside connection though heterogeneous connection to any manufactures handset enabling IT to focus on best fit technology rather than being tied to legacy nurse call infrastructure.


Fast Patient Contact

Patient requests for help get answered immediately – by the right (responsible and skilled) person immediately. CarePlus™ ensures the message gets through whether the clinician is on or off campus -no matter where the nurse is in the hospital. CarePlus™ gives managers and nurses the efficiency to spend more time at the patients bed side and to stay in touch when away from the care area – the freedom to be productive. Thus improving quality of patient care and staff safety.


VoIP and SIP integration

CarePlus™ connects the patient’s call button to wireless phones, providing a direct life safety system and ensuring response times are captured accurately for call response as well as time to attend the bedside and nurse presence time. SIP telephony ensures instant contact and patient reassurance.



iPads, Tablets and Mobile Computing

CarePlus™ has a web based nurse station that is mobile and can be accessed from a number of iPad style touch screen devices enabling staff assignments and device assignment to be made by mobile clinicians rather than having them chained to work stations. CarePlus™ does not need a dedicated fixed proprietary nurse station. CarePlus™ provides the flexibility to have multiple logons enabling a combination of fixed and mobile nurse stations to an agnostic group of tablets and PC’s.


Systems Integration

CarePlus™ heterogeneous architecture frees clinicians and IT departments from making second best technology solutions as hospital manager can be confident CarePlus™ integrates with any phone vendor or tablet vendor. That delivers three benefits to your hospital: 1) your current mobile tablet or computing architecture technology is CarePlus™ compatible, 2) Current wireless phones will integrate, and 3) Staff can have a combination of phone and tablet technologies avoiding that massive upgrade and ensuring IT departments can cascade older technologies away from clinicians to back of house staff, hotel services and other support staff.


Any Staff-to-Patient Communication – Infinite Priorities

CarePlus™ provides call initiated by patients to be sent directly based on workflow rules to classifications of clinician ensuring the initiated call goes to the right skill staff member (Pain, Potty, Positioning) or to the support services (Food, Drink, Blanket, new appointment, discharge). The benefits are; improved patient safety and satisfaction with a significant return on investment.