About CarePlus™


CarePlus™ Nurse Call is one of the leading care management systems for acute and aged care applications. Initially launched in 2008, CarePlus™ has since completed over 1,500 installations worldwide. CarePlus™ surpasses the typical healthcare IT system with innovative technology, excellent operational functionality, improved performance and high acuity workflow for enhanced patient experience. The CarePlus™ technology suite offers a range of care management options for individual facilities to address any concern. Our extensive network of Partners demonstrates our commitment to provide powerful solutions and strategic collaborations for greater access with the CarePlus™ approach.


The CarePlus™ technology suite demonstrates many advanced features, whilst also allowing for easy upgrades. The IP system has durable ARM processors and intelligent IP Call Points with built-in infection control, with a 99% biocidal kill rate, and auto-sensing clean mode. CarePlus™ Server optimises life safety messages and alarms, to improve communication systems via CarePlus™ Protocol and HL7 message formats. CarePlus™ complies with HIPPA standard for sensitive patient data protection, making it a secure and relevant nurse call solution. The hard-wired patient alarm systems comply with AS3811 Australian standards. CarePlus™ is approved by the FDA and certified as a Medical Device Data System (MDDS) Class II. CarePlus™ is also TGA registered with our list of certifications.


The benefits of CarePlus™ is evident with such rich and effective features. All products have multifunctional applications to increase workflow, improve efficiency and provide superb communication integrity without the need for future monitoring from certified technicians. The robust and automated infrastructure of CarePlus™ Server decreases staff workload with the advantage of CarePlus™ Mobile Connect to provide better patient outcomes. The user-friendly and tamper-proof equipment offers peace-of-mind and satisfaction to clinicians, caregivers, residents, patients and their families. The range of benefits influencing the functionality of each CarePlus™ product makes this system a worthwhile investment for any medical or aged care facility.