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Nov 27

CarePlus™ Senior Upgrade

CarePlus™ Senior, our leading multifunctional Nurse Call application within the CarePlus™ technology suite, has received a major upgrade to now include built-in paging. CarePlus™ Senior utilises advanced technology, durable ARM processors and Smart IP Call Points, providing clinical-grade accuracy and priority location data through Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS). Our specialised aged care Nurse Call system ensures greater staff efficiency and high-acuity workflow, as well as important gains towards patient satisfaction.

This upgrade provides built-in radio paging capabilities within the CarePlus™ Controller (IP-HUB) for one of the most cost-effective updates in our Nurse Call solutions yet. There is no longer a requirement for separate paging software to send Nurse Call messages, as the IP-HUB connects directly to the transmitter. Integrating the paging software into CarePlus™ Senior results in a cohesive care management solution, and generates significant savings for every aged care facility.

CarePlus™ Senior’s continued development embodies our dedication to finding greater and grander solutions for all healthcare facilities, it’s staff and their patients. A scalable and targeted interface promotes forward-thinking communication to improve the quality care responses that CarePlus™ is dedicated to delivering for a cost-effective and safe environment.

CarePlus Senior