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Oct 11

CarePlus™ IPv6 Network Compliant

The CarePlus™ Technology suite comprises of a trusted Nurse Call and Mobile Staff Duress solution for any facility requiring automated workflow, quality communication and advanced operational functionality.

All CarePlus™ applications and Nurse Call hardware easily connect to your hospital and corporate IT network infrastructure.  There is no additional proprietary network equipment required. We offer a fully integrated Nurse Call and Mobile Staff Duress system which connects your network architecture. We ensure seamless upgrades preventing disruptions to patient care, staff workflow and IT Departments. There is no dedicated PC or work station required, as everything is available via a Web Client on your network. Our IP-HUB is certified Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) compliant. IPv6 became an Internet Standard on 14 July 2017, enabling CarePlus™ equipment to communicate in Internet Layer protocol, and provides end-to-end datagram transmission across multiple IP networks, including St John of God, Ramsay and various State Government corporate networks.

CarePlus is IPv6 compliant

Reporting applications can be managed by your IT Department, along with automated backup and restore to protect your data on your system, using your policy and procedures. Remote login is available to service agents and corporate IT staff member anywhere, anytime, providing simplified system maintenance and fault repair – not available on proprietary equipment networks.

The CarePlus™ portfolio offers reliable solutions, secure and easy-to-use systems, as well as guaranteed success for more efficient department units. Our cost-effective and customised proposals deliver the results you want, and even ones you didn’t know you needed. For further information on our individual products, click here to visit our website.