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Feb 06

CarePlus™ Asset Tracking Is Finally Here

Asset Tracking RTLSCarePlus™ Asset Tracking is now available as the newest product in the Real-Time Location-System (RTLS) product line at NiQ Health. CarePlus™ Asset Tracking is a clinical-grade RTLS solution, detecting precise room locations of critical and expensive medical equipment. RTLS technology delivers on improving asset availability, decreasing maintenance costs and reducing inventory loss and/or theft.

Tamper-proof tags are placed on the asset of choice and activate upon movement. Once the item has a new resting location, it is recorded to monitor all mobile assets for future inquiries. CarePlus™ RTLS products address a gap in the market, advancing the optimisation of asset management and safety responses. Andrew Rothon, the founder and CEO of NiQ Health, is certain CarePlus™ Asset Tracking is exactly what all medium to large size medical facilities need.

“CarePlus™ Asset Tracking is a new stand-alone product that can be incorporated with new CarePlus™ Nurse Call systems, or existing legacy equipment. Along with CarePlus™ Mobile Staff Duress, Asset Tracking utilises RTLS technology for superior, room-accurate location services to help improve the overall operations and patient care.”

For further information please see CarePlus™ Asset Tracking Brochure and click here to explore the RTLS range.