Jul 30
Sep 09

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tag: New RTLS Product

Due to the unprecedented events of the coronavirus, and its debilitating consequences on the healthcare system, NiQ Health has been hard at work developing our new RTLS product, the Contact Tracing Tag. The contact tracing tag harnesses 100% room accurate location services to identify every room a staff member has... read more →
Feb 05
Dec 09

Royal Commission Findings: The Need for a CarePlus™ solution

On October 31, the Royal Commission released its findings following an investigation into the ongoing practices in Australian aged care facilities, described as a ‘sad and shocking system that diminishes Australia as a nation’.[1] The three main points the inquires revealed are: (1) Provide home care packages to reduce the... read more →
Sep 25

The unlimited benefits of RTLS only with CarePlus™

CarePlus™ is the market-leading care management destination for RTLS solutions in the healthcare industry, designing three targeted and integrated applications for different facilities, different people and different assets. Each RTLS solution can be fully integrated into CarePlus Nurse Call systems or installed as a stand-alone device to existing Nurse Call... read more →
Aug 06
May 27
Apr 15

CarePlus™ RTLS Solutions is expanding with the exciting release of CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call

The RTLS product line is growing again with the development of the new aged care application, CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call. Mobile Resident Call is another innovative, clinical-grade RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solution providing residents with the opportunity to page staff for assistance, thus offering healthcare professionals greater care opportunities. Expanding... read more →
Feb 27
Feb 06

CarePlus™ Asset Tracking Is Finally Here

CarePlus™ Asset Tracking is now available as the newest product in the Real-Time Location-System (RTLS) product line at NiQ Health. CarePlus™ Asset Tracking is a clinical-grade RTLS solution, detecting precise room locations of critical and expensive medical equipment. RTLS technology delivers on improving asset availability, decreasing maintenance costs and reducing... read more →